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At your service! An independent venue matching service. Whether you're looking for a space to host your wedding reception, large or small, business meeting or private party - we can help! 

1. Match - a brief consultation will help us create your shortlist. We know the old and the new, the in's and the out's. You review and choose which you'd like proposals for, or more to choose from. We'll submit until it's perfect! 

2. Site Inspection - we'll setup site visits to give you a look inside OR trust us to do the job - we'll provide photos, video, face conferencing, and any other info you need to decide! 

3. Proposal - we can crank out a proposal in 24-48 hours after you've chosen.  

4. Book  - we will get your contract all set to execute, and you'll be on your way - with or without us to plan the remainder of your event! 


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